Step 1


The first step in designing your home is to meet with a Uptmore Homes representative to discuss your vision of what you want in your new home. It will be discussed how much square footage you need for your family, how many bedrooms and baths, living room spaces, office space, kitchen size, details for your master bedroom and master bath, garage size and outdoor preferences such as covered patio, pool etc. Share with us your dreams and ideas for your home and what you envision your home to be like. We welcome your ideas, pictures etc. Your budget and desires for your home will also be discussed keeping in mind the land/lot that your home will be built on.

Step 2


We now have all the information needed to do a preliminary sketch and design on your desires for your home. Your budget and prequalification has been considered and a preliminary design is drawn out for you to review. This sketch will show all of the elements discussed in our first meeting to see if this meets your expectations and if there needs to be any revisions on this preliminary sketch.

Step 3


We will meet to discuss the revised floor plan and to discuss if any further revisions are needed or if this plan is good to move forward.

Step 4


Elevation sketches of your front elevation are made and integrated with the revised floor plans.

Step 5


At this point, we have the plans and elevation created and are ready to give an educated estimate on the cost of this project.

Step 6


We will now create specifications and allowances for your home.

Step 7


Blueprints are created for you. We will meet and go over these with you once again to make certain this meets with your expectations. If there are any changes, these will be made. These changes will again be calculated giving you a more accurate cost projection for your home.

Step 8


You will now sign a copy of the builder contract, specifications and the final blueprint of your home. We now receive down payment and are ready to start your new home. Plans are sent to HOA (if there is one) and a bank for approval.

Step 9


At this point, you have closed with the bank and we are ready to start the building process.

Step 10


This is the home building process with a typical flow of events. The actual process may vary.
Different phases of the home such as foundation, framing, drywall, trim and fixtures are inspected for proper code compliance.

1. Select lot and plan
2. Interim loan closed
3. Make decorator selections
4. Foundation and framing engineering
5. Permits
6. Clear lot
7. Set foundation forms
8. Plumbing/sewer rough in
9. Install fill material
10. Install steel
11. Pre-pour inspection
12. Pour and finish concrete
13. Frame
14. Install windows
15. Dry in Roof
16. Paint exterior
17. Install Roof
18. Fireplace
19. Plumbing top out
20. Air conditioning rough in
21. Electrical rough in
22. Alarm Prewire
23. Inspect framing, plumbing, air conditioning and electrical
24. Insulate
25. Begin masonry
26. Sheetrock/tape/float/texture
27. Garage door
28. Cabinets and interior trim
29. Paint
30. Driveway and Sidewalks poured
31. Countertops
32. Tile floors
33. Wallpaper
34. Trim out plumbing, air conditioning, electrical, appliances
35. Mirrors/glass
36. Carpet
37. Hardware
38. Landscaping
39. Final inspection

Step 11


Construction is complete and a final walk through is done with you.

Step 12


The interim loan is paid off and you will sign your permanent mortgage loan.